At the Children's Museum

Here's a little tiger taking a look at the PezCar at the Children's Museum!

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Getting a little press coverage!

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When her mother asked her to walk to the next car, she walked away and said "bye bye awrt cawr"

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Taking a close look at the PezCar at the Lighthouse for the Blind.

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A blind gentleman gets his first exposure to Pez!  But not his last!

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Special friends getting a look at the PezCar!

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All ages love the PezCar!

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Fresh from TAAS tests, kids from McGregory Elementary school inspect the PezCar.

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Harrod Blank filming a few shots of the PezCar for his latest project!

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Sherri and I having a fun day!  Another in a long line of self-shot photographs!

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How well behaved the kids at McGregory Elementary School are!

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A view from within the PezCar

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Oohs and Aaahs all around

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The crowd gets bigger!

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The PezCar is a crowd favorite!

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Tons of kids on a bright and shiny day!

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Taking a look inside the car, and not finding it as attractive as the outside!

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Have you ever seen such well behaved kids?

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Principal Brown accepts a load of Pez for her well behaved students!