The Art of the Pez Car

(or Runs Good!)

by Scott Peacock

16 January 1997 - Katy, TX USA

We did it. Cliff, Sherri, Randy, and I have pitched in to buy a "car" that will serve as our canvas for an entry in this April's Art Car parade at the 1997 Houston International Festival. The four of us are the proud owners of a 1977 Dodge Apsen (maroon, with white top).

Left to Right: Cliff Lee, Scott Peacock, Randy Lemmon

We agreed to spend $500 on the car. This was one of two cars that we found to be within our means. The only other car we found in West Houston within this price range was.... another 1977 Dodge Aspen (I didn't like the color: metallic pea. We decided to stick with maroon).

There's a certain charm about a car that has the words "RUNS GOOD" shoe-polished on the winshield. The dealer gets points for marketing and a good sense of humor.

The odometer reads 87,000 miles and change. Wonder how many times it's been "rolled" (Houston has been identified by several news shows, like 20/20, as the odometer tampering capital of the US). It's probably more like 187,000...

When the weather warms up a little bit we'll paint it and begin epoxying several hundred Pez despensers to hull of this majestic old boat.

The other substantial "engineering change" we're going to make to the car is removal of the roof. Anyone got a blowtorch?

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