The Art of the Pez Car

(or Runs Good!)

by Scott Peacock

8 February 1997 - Houston, TX USA

Off with the roof! Ed Konlande, a college chum of Cliff's, volunteered the services of one of his co-workers (Jerry Smith). "He'll cut the roof off, but it'll cost you a case of beer." Sounds like a bargain to me.

UPDATE: 02-18-2006 Its with great sadness we report that our friend Jerry passed away yesterday. Jerry's participation with the PezCar was the the moment of no return. By cutting the roof, we were forced to make this dream a reality. Therefore I dedicate this page to Jerry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

First task is to get the back window out. Not as easy as one might think. Personally, I was in favor of the John Belushi (a la Animal House) method of back winshield removal (measure it, then smash the bastard to bits). Cliff thought that perhaps we could save it and sell it to a scrap yard for cash (and utimately, more pez). Wrong! As Cliff was prying it out it exploded, literaly! Glass was everywhere including Cliff's face. Everyone one was ok, though.

Measure twice, cut once!

The miracle of Sawzell. Sawzell is aptly named because it "saws all".

Peel that bad boy back. Look ma, we made a sunroof!

Ed volunteered to sand the rough edges. I just think he wanted to look at the pretty sparks.

This phase of the pez car is now complete. Next, we have to paint the SOB!

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