The Art of the Pez Car

(or Runs Good!)

by Cliff Lee

22 February 1998 - Houston, TX USA

The PezCar was invited to half time of the Houston Aero's Hockey game! This came about because my wife's office was getting a bunch of folks to go to the game. I invited a bunch of my friends and thought that was it. One of my buddies just happened to be looking over the Aero's web page and noticed that is said that it was Mardi Gras and that there would be Artcars?!? Artcars? I wasn't told of this...

I did some snooping around and got the name of the promotions person and called her. She said, sure! Bring it. It was as simple as that.

So I get there, and there are two new DODGE cars, on a convertible with a "King & Queen of Mardigras" riding on the back, and another car with someone in it... Then, there was ME!

I was driving, Scott Peacock who was riding shotgun. Riding in the back and waving was Becky Cook (an engineer at my office), Yvonne (American Heart Association) and Jessica (Scott's girlfriend). My wife Sherri, didn't make it to the show (the only downside to this story).

Following me was the Rice University Marching Owl band (marching on ICE?!?). They were blaring out "Louie, Louie"!

We get out on the ice, and its really cool, (um, I mean fun...). I'm driving very slowly and being very careful. We are going counter clockwise, so I'm in the inside, which makes throwing beads into the crowd difficult to get over the glass... But I manage!

All in all it was quite a blast.

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