The Art of the Pez Car

(or Runs Good!)

by Cliff Lee

3 April 1998 - Los Angeles, CA USA

Driving the PezCar in LA was a blast. I was concerned when a CHP came up behind me to check me out. I was freaking out... I had visions of being pulled over, towing the car and throwing me in jail (for something like, driving a hazardous vehicle...) I couldn't quite make out if it was Ponch or John in a patrol car... He slowed down, looked a bit, and drove off. I guess the PezCar is not enough to get a CHP's attention! Man what do you have to do in CA? We missed the turn at the hotel and had to make a lap around the airport to get back. Talk about cameras!!! Wow.

And then driving it indoors in the hotel Ballroom was a kick!

Karen Cooper flew in with a young collector by the name of Jaron, who was celebrating his 14th birthday. His father (what was he thinkging) brought him. Well, since it was his birthday, Karen Cooper, Bobbi Goodman, Melody Clark, and Jaron went around the block in the Pez Car! Ton of fun.

Pezathon convention is no more. But all is not lost! There is another Pez convention in California that you can visit. Click here for info on Pezcifric here!

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