The Art of the Pez Car

(or Runs Good!)

by Cliff Lee

11 April 1999 - Houston, TX USA

One of the most common questerion I get about the PezCar is: "How do we clean the car"?

Well, I usually say that I drive it in the rain. But looking at the car, it was clear to us that something needed to be done. The car has two years of grime on it. So I came up with a plan...

Invite all the people over who will be riding in this year's parade and lets all scrub the car clean with small scrub brushes. And what a plan it was, because it worked well! I bought 4 "bottle washers" which were small enough to get between the Pez dispensers. I crawled on my hand and knees and cleaned the hub caps with a toothbrush... All said and done, the PezCar is nice and clean! Ready to go. for this years's ArtCar parade.

We are entry 136 of 240 for the 1999 Orange show ArtCar parade.

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