The Art of the Pez Car

(or Runs Good!)

by Cliff Lee

17 April 1997 - Houston, TX USA

The "Weekend" started Thrusday night at the ArtCar Ball. This is a HUGE party held at a parking garage downtown. I fired up that old Slant 6 and point the car downtown! (For those not familiar with Houston, most folks live int he suburbs outside of town. To get downtown, one must drive down very congested freeways). I got her up to 60mph on I-10! Lots of looks and and funny faces.

I got to the garage and found a spot on the top floor. Turned out to be a GREAT spot (just under a light). There were cars on the top and the second from the top floors. Tons of them.

At this point, I got REALLY nervous. I know I like the car, but would anyone else? There are some AWSOME cars here and I'm starting to feel anxious.

The Ball opens and the festivities begin. Low and BEHOLD the car is a SMASH HIT! It was truly a JOY watching people see the car for the first time. The typical expression is that they see it, but don't recognize what it is, step closer and BAMM... Ahhhh PEZ! I've not seen these since I was a kid! I spent a good 3 hours talking to one after another having exactly the same expression. As am example, out of the blue a guy came up to me and says "Your touching me in a way I've not been touched in a LONG TIME..." The reaction were emotional joy. (Note that these were all adults) Pez really does bring joy to people's lives. Several news camera folks were there. I got interviewed by SEVERAL of these folks and made it on air on two local stations. Channel 2's BUZZ reporter Rosan Rogers asks me on the air: "So where did you get these Pixies?" (Pixies?) I ans wered assuming she meant Pez (which she did). Isn't video editing a wonderful thing! That got broadcast. I've not seen the other report yet.

One lady asked if I could bring the car to her home for her kids birthday?!? What am I a MIME or something?

Belive it or not, there was ANOTHER pez car! Well almost. She had about 8 Pez on her bumper and painted the hood with fantasy Pez dispeners. Nice. The photo below is of Harry & Penny Leverette's ArtCar. They run, check it out if you want to see more about ArtCars!

I got home at 5:00am! Later in that day I got a call with a request to be interviewed by another TV Station for the Morning show Saturday! I told them no problem, I'd be there.

Shown below are a couple pics of the PezCar (one with me and my wife, and the other with me An Elvi, and my friend Randy Lemmon), the "Mirror" Car (which I think goes by the name of the worlds shiniest car), "Toyboata" (A Killer ArtCar by Matt... I froget his last name, but the car is cool!),

So I get up and make it downtown at 7:00am in the morning and was interviewed by Channel 11's Cathy Turner (The weather girl). I let her pick a dispenser (She chose Miss Piggy) which she showed on air. It was fun!

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