The Art of the Pez Car

(or Runs Good!)

by Cliff Lee

19 April 1997 - Katy, TX USA

We get lined up and are one of the first 3 to be judged. There was about 2.5 hour wait after judging until the parade. In the meanwhile, people were already walking down the street. Things were getting exciting. All the cars were showing up. I was behind a GIANT mobile squid (Known as the Amazing Ubur-Ubur) and in front of a group of "Biking Vikings" (Bikes decorated as viking plunderers).

In the car was myself, my wife Sherri, her brother Mike, and my friend Scott. Also we had friends Luke, Elaine and John on Roller blades circling the car handing out candy. We all had Fez's that had Pez glued to them. (Silly car = silly hat...)

So we start out going down the street. What an amazing reaction! Actual cheers and applaud! Quite literally there was a roar! For the whole 2 miles of parade! The parade went VERY FAST. Everything was a blur of stunned smiling faces, cheers and applaud. Everyone yelled "Hey its a PEZ CAR!" Or HEY PEZMAN! or "Look they have a FEZ PEZ!". My father and nephew got so excited that they jumped out and ran along with the car helping hand out candy. (news to me...)

After the parade, we parked the car under a bridge and sure enough it started to rain. So we drove home in the rain (Not much fun since the roof has been cut off!).

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