The Art of the Pez Car

(or Runs Good!)

by Cliff Lee

14 September 1997 - Katy, TX USA

What if you were 5 years old and you lived across the street from me? My garage is somewhat crowded and every time I need to get something from the freezer, I have to open the garage door to get to the other side. Everytime I open the garage door, three of my neighbors kids RUSH over to stare at the car.

Kyle and Erich are in Kindergarten and Kyle's sister Kelly is in 3rd grade. They are always swarming around in the street with there little bicycles and "crash helmets".

So the door goes up and they drop the bikes in the street and run over (and into) my garage. They say: "Hello Mr. Cliff" Asking without waiting for the answer: "Can we look at your car?" And they shout out, only as a 5 year old can: HERES RAPHAEL, HERES SNOOPY! Its like a giant "Were's Waldo", only all the characters are Waldo and you get to pick which ones to look for.

So they find a box in my garage that has "extras" for the car. They are actually Pez that had fallen off or were removed because they were in bad locations, so they have glue all over them. Six young hands are pawing over this box picking a gem out to show me. So I take the box dump the entire contents on my front lawn. This is like Christmas to these kids. They can't beleive it. Pez EVERYWHERE. Now they Ask if they can have one, and I say: "Sure! Just pick one out". OHHHH NOOOO. They must choose one from the plethora of pez placed precariously on the lawn. So this takes another half hour as just about every Pez is picked up and declared to be the one, only to be put down a second later as something else catches the eye.

Erich takes a woodstock, Kyle takes a Michalangelo and Kelly takes a pink Heart and they trundle back to the bikes and back into there circular holding pattern out in front of my driveway.

Life returns to normal. That is until the next time I need to get into the freezer.

I don't actualy have pictures of this event, but I do have some pictures of the PezCar at a Park. It was a great day, and I thought it would be nice to take a drive. We decided to take some pictures. We found a park near our house and parked the car only to have the "crowd" swarm the car (as seen below). But this is the kinda thing that happens where ever the PezCar goes!

(I'm looking for good pics to go with this...)

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