The Art of the Pez Car

(or Runs Good!)

by Cliff Lee

13 September 1997 - Houston, TX USA

They honk because they love the PezCar!

I got a late call from the Artcar folks saying they are filming something for the "Orange Show Foundation". This will be filmed at the "Texas Children's Hospital". Knowing that "smiles" were at stake, I Told them that the PezCar would be there with bells on!

We live in the far west side of town and the medical center is downtown. So we had to take the freeways into town. Now driving the PezCar is not a trivial matter... It pulls heavily to the left and the brakes grab. On top of that, the inspection sticker is now expired and I don't have insurance. So I try to "be invisible" when in transit. Something quite impossible in the PezCar.

So we are tooling down I-10 at about 60 mph (Don't really know as the speedometer doesn't' work) and folks are speeding up to get next to us and then staying with us to look (at 60 mph) and then moving on... And people HONK! They honk to smile at you. And 18 Wheelers honk ALOT! A Porche deliver truck was blaring by us and HOOOONK HOOONNK HOOONKK and each one was so loud that we all jumped each time! You look at them and they are smiling ear to ear just giddy as a small child (all at 60 mph). An experience to be sure. They honk because they love the car!

Fine ladies and gentlemen, If you ever get a chance to volunteer at a children's hospital do it! Its so sad seeing the kids. They are all in really bad shape (otherwise they would be elsewhere). This is one of those situations where as an adult you smile, when you know you should be crying.

So the mission changes from just having fun on the weekend to that of a higher calling. The goal is to produce smiles. Even just one could be the only one these kids might have that day (or for several days...).

We met a lady who's son was "upstairs" having a bone marrow transplant and could not come down. She had her younger daughter with her. The girl could not keep her hands off the PezCar! She kept lifting each head, one by one... I asked if I could lift her to sit on the car to take a picture.

There were many kids with IV's who were going through chemo. And to see them smile, and touch the car. WOW, what a feeling. Watching this, I wish each of you could have been there. There is definitely something magical about the PezCar.

I want to again thank everyone who contributed to the making of this car. It is an honor to have been entrusted with your pez, you can rest assured that they have been put to good use. They are making a difference in lives.

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