The Art of the Pez Car

(or Runs Good!)

by Cliff Lee

25 November 1997 - Katy, TX USA

The PezCar has been invited to participate in the 1997 Houston Thanksgiving Parade! I'm thrilled. One of 6 Artcars invited to participate. So if you are in the general Region of Houston, Tx on Thanksgiving, see if your TV station will be covering the Houston Parade. They will mention Pezheads in the description of the car (or so I'm told...). Hope for good weather as there is no roof on the PezCAR! I'll post more details as they develop. Who knows whats next for the PezCar!!!

The Houston Thanksgiving Parade was televised in the following cities, and you will be able to see the PezCar in action!!! Or so I've been told, I hope I don't end up on the cutting room floor as they say. You'll know its me because I'll be the one waving like a mad fool! Can't wait. Witout further ado, here are the lucky cities:

In the State of Texas:     And out of State:

 Austin                    Albuquerque, NM
 Corpus Christi            Charlotte, NC
 Dallas/Ft. Worth          New Orleans, LA
 Harlingen                 Oklahoma City, OK
 Houston                   Miami, FL
 Lubbock                   Norfolk, VA
 Midland/Odessa            Sacramento, CA
 San Antonio

We were late getting started to the parade, and were rushed to get downtown. Again, we make the long trek from our home to Downtown Houston on I-10. All I can say about that is that it was cold. Below is my wife trying to stay warm as we are making our way downtown.

Once we got downtown, it was a real pain trying to find the staging area. The streets were already being blocked off, and direct routes were being shut down. One after another, the cops were pointing us one way, only to have another point us back. Eventually we turned a corner and could see where we needed to be! It was within sight, but wait... Officer Kkkken of the Hhhhouston Pppppolice department decides to give me an earful. Knowing that the day was in jeopardy, I sat quietly while he attempted to express himself. When he was finished, I apologized (for my speed which he thought was excessive, but really how fast can you go in a PezCar?!?), that hoped that would be it. Nope Officer Kkkkken decided to repeat his complaint to the letter. I was thinking to myself that if he just wanted to yell at me, I could make an appointment with him but decided not to press my luck.

So we get into place, and am waiting for the parade to start... And what comes up, but a travelling pack of Elvi (shown below). Elvis impresinators seem to be a common theme at these things?!? The Parade was huge! Tons of people everywhere. Estimates of the crowd range on the order of 250,000 people. It took a good hour or more to complete the route. As usual, a good time was had by all!

Shown below are several pictures take either before or during the parade... The last one show the folks who where riding in the car From left to right, Scott Peacock, Randy Lemmon, Sherri Lee, Cliff Lee & Mike Ribble).

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